The Rainy Lake Conservancy is actively involved in conservation efforts in Northwestern Ontario.

The Conservancy's primary areas of focus are Rainy Lake and its watershed.

Members gather water samples for water quality testing, educate property owners and residents on good shoreline practices, and sponsor biodiversity inventories.

The Rainy Lake Conservancy works with property owners, governments and local communities, encouraging the conservation of land through a variety of land protection options, including donations of land and conservation easements on private properties.


Since the early 1900s, Canadians and Americans have worked together to preserve Rainy Lake’s natural beauty, clean water, abundant plant and wildlife and its rich history (aboriginal, voyageurs, explorers).

Rainy Lake is a rare and precious place in a world where forests and clean lakes are rapidly disappearing.

The Rainy Lake Conservancy proudly carries on the tradition of wilderness preservation into the 21st century. (Learn More)


Annual General Meeting August 2020


Wolf and Beaver Research at Voyageurs National Park

Project Update, May 30, 2018

RLC is supporting the research of PhD candidate Tom Gable regarding the interaction of wolves, beaver and moose in the Rainy Lake region. Beavers, due to their high abundance, are often the primary or secondary summer (April-October) prey of wolf packs in the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem (Voyageurs National Park and the area southerly adjacent to the park).

But how does this high abundance of beavers affect wolf predation on deer and moose?

Some have suggested that large beaver populations can actually reduce wolf predation on deer and moose because wolves spend their time hunting beavers in the summer instead of moose and deer, however, this has yet to be tested or examined.

Tom’s research will examine this question and provide much clearer insight into how beavers affect wolf predation on moose and deer.   

Many of the details of the project can be found on: 

To hear more about this project, attend the RLC Annual General Meeting on Sunday, August 12th, 2018.

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