The Rainy Lake Conservancy has been fortunate to assist with loon research conducted by Voyageurs National Park (VNP) over the past several years. Conservancy members noted pairs of loons and loon nest locations on the Canadian side of Rainy Lake, providing this information to biologists at the Park.
Because water levels on the major lakes in the Rainy Lake basin are controlled by dams as well as by precipitation, there is significant variability in water levels from season to season and from year to year. There is evidence to support that artificial loon nesting platforms, strategically placed, increase the success rate of nesting loons. To this end, members of the Rainy Lake Conservancy researched construction and placement of the platforms. Using PVC pipes, sturdy wire grid, copper wire for securing the grid to the PVC, and chains to help anchor the platforms, members constructed six platforms. Each member received written instructions on when and where to place the platforms.

In time Conservancy members will learn whether or not these platforms increase the nesting success of loons on Rainy Lake. During the first seasonal use of the platforms one chick successfully hatched from a nesting platform and survived the full summer season. The members who constructed that particular platform had painted the white PVC black to help avoid detection by predators.

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