The Rainy Lake Conservancy welcomes financial donations from any person or corporation, whether or not they are a member of the RLC. The funds will be used to support our mission: to preserve and protect Rainy Lake and the surrounding watershed; and more specifically to support our programs related to (i) land protection, (ii) education and community involvment, (iii) science and research, and (iv) our related administrative activities.

All donations made to the RLC are disclosed to the board of directors. Donations of $500.00 or more qualify for a one-year free membership in the RLC (Individual, Family, or Corporate.) You will be contacted by the RLC administrator after the donation is completed to confirm the free membership.

There are three ways to make a donation to the RLC:

(i) Donations made either in-person, or by post. Donations by post may be sent to:

Rainy Lake Conservancy
PO Box 223
Fort Frances ON P9A 3M6
Make your cheque payable to "Rainy Lake Conservancy".

For such donations, if made by a Canadian citizen, a receipt for tax deduction will be returned to you by our administrative staff. The Rainy Lake Conservancy's charitable tax ID number is 86941 2585 RR 0001.

(ii) If you are an American citizen, there is the possibility of a US tax deduction for an in-person, or mailed-in donation, however before making such a donation please contact us for further details at:

(iii) You may make an online donation by credit card via Paypal here:
Online Donations

(iv) For details on RLC Membership, click here: Become a Member

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