Members of the Rainy Lake Conservancy volunteer their time and energy to further a number of ongoing projects and events.

Water Monitoring
Since the spring of 2002, volunteers from the Rainy Lake Conservancy have participated in water monitoring programs. They collect water samples, observe water clarity, assist with monitoring programs in Voyageur National Park, and support water quality testing via satellite imaging.
Life Science Inventories
As a follow-up to the first life science inventory of flora and fauna on the Canadian side of Rainy Lake (2002-2004), biologists conduct inventories on each new conservation property and report on new species they discover.
Loon Research
A passion for maintaining Rainy Lake's healthy loon population often begins with the tremolo of a loon on a quiet night. Conservancy members pursue this passion in a variety of science-based ways.
Lakeshore Stewardship Initiatives
Rainy Lake has 3000 km of shoreline, most of which is wild and unspoiled. As we educate people on the importance of lakeshore stewardship, we increase the potential for keeping it that way. We distribute RLC and other publications focusing on good lakeshore stewardship through the Chamber of Commerce and other local venues.  Links
Give your shoreline a Make-over; Love Your Lake; The Water’s Edge

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Building Partnerships
The Rainy Lake Conservancy and its partners find a special synergy wherein the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, where more can be accomplished through these partnerships than can be accomplished by each group alone.
Nature Outings
The Conservancy's occasional nature outings (hikes and group paddles) are more than just fun. Here, members connect with the Conservancy's mission to preserve and protect the natural beauty of Rainy Lake. It is a simple step to go from enjoying its beauty to preserving it for future generations.
Annual General Meeting
The members' annual general meeting is open to the public, providing a time for members and nonmembers alike to discuss common interests and issues, to learn from professionals, to renew memberships, and to socialize.
Land Protection Seminars
From time to time, the Conservancy avails itself of speakers who are professionals in land protection subjects ranging from easements to cross-border issues to potential tax advantages. Board members, landowners and other Conservancy members receive education and assistance through these seminars.
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