Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Rainy Lake Conservancy is to work with property owners, governments, and the local communities to preserve and protect the natural beauty, historic features, ecological and recreational values for present and future generations within but not restricted to Rainy Lake.

Vision Statement

The Rainy Lake Conservancy is

  • A conservation organization dedicated to preserving the natural beauty, historic features, ecological and recreational values of Rainy Lake for future generations in keeping with growing national, international and global environmental needs;
  • A respected local conservation organization equipped to play a significant role in future planning initiatives for Rainy Lake;
  • A conservation organization of volunteers that is a recognized advocate for preserving the natural beauty of the Rainy Lake region;
  • A conservation organization that is sought out by lake property owners and others who have questions about voluntary actions to preserve the lake environment;
  • A conservation organization which supports and acts on credible research;
  • A Canadian non-profit charitable organization that is fully prepared to facilitate conservation easements and other land protection options alone or in cooperation with other acceptable conservation organizations.

Policy Statement

It is the Policy of the Rainy Lake Conservancy

  • To support, where applicable, the traditional uses of Rainy Lake including fishing, hunting, trapping, recreation and appropriate existing commercial activity.
  • To encourage conservation through public information and education and to co-operate with other Canadian and international organizations having similar aims and to encourage such organizations in their activities.

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