The Rainy Lake Conservancy has produced a few publications and, in addition, distributes materials produced by other organizations. Here are three of the Conservancy's publications.


The RLC publication called A Century of Wilderness Preservation (download pdf) is a reader-friendly timeline of the 100-year history of the conservation movement on the Minnesota/Ontario border including Rainy Lake and the Quetico-Superior region.


After the 2002 Biodiversity Inventory of Rainy Lake was finished, members of the Conservancy designed and printed a summary of this work in the form of a two-side poster. (download pdf) One side showcases some of the rare flowers found in the watershed, and the other side introduces some of the provincially rare and endangered species discovered on Rainy Lake. A complete copy of the 2002 Inventory is available for download in the Resource Material section of this website.

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